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Sandra Bach

Henk Wijnands
The Netherlands

Gabriela Borowczyck

Karl Mortier

Andy de Vale

Ed Post
The Netherlands

Peter Panin

Vanessa Koster
The Netherlands

Anna van der Aa

The morning program (CET)

Welcome in the circus

Karl Mortier, the ringmaster welcomes you.  The community dance is introduced.

Setting the tone

We give some tips and advices for the day.  We are looking at the program. We make good agreements. We are introduced to the community dance by Danie Volkert.

Advantages and disadvantages for Visual Practitioners in COVID-19 times

Gabriela Borowczyk  and Karl Mortier  present the results of the EVP Covid 19-survey. How do Visual Practitioners in Europe manage the COVID 19-crisis: facts and figures. All attendees will receive an inspirational document with tips & tricks.

Co-learning in 4 parallel workshops

We offered you 4 parallel workshops that came out of the survey. Out of respect for the speaker, he/she decides whether the workshop was recorded. All videos are available till 7th January.


Developing wild metaphors by Jens Nordmann & Sandra Bach

Jens wants to show and share some techniques that work well for us to find wilder metaphors. Your resource is your personal memory and your cultural background. We are exited about what you might bring in! A rich experience!


Facebook marketing by Danie van Stijn

What is the impact of the Facebook algorithm on your posts? How to post and when to post? Practical tips and tricks for your Facebook Marketing.



The secrets of MS-Teams for Graphic Recorders by Jeroen Blijsie

Many of our customers ask to work on MS-Teams. You will be introduced to the secrets of MS-Teams as Graphic Recorder. This is session is brought in MS-Teams!


Business Model Innovation by Marek Staniszewski

Heuristics of creativity are proven methods of solving problems and creating new ideas. You are invited to use this approach and work on your business model. Find new areas for its development and acquire new customers. This is a Q&A session in the Livewebinar room.

The afternoon program (CET)

We offered you 4 parallel workshops that came out of the survey. Out of respect for the speaker, he/she decides whether the workshop was recorded. All videos are available till 7th January. Before you continue watching do the eye yoga.

Afternoon Welcome by EVP Core Team

We bring extra energy in the room with the EVP community dance.  Elaine Vitikainen and the EVP Core Team bring the recent EVP news.  Who is who in the new Core Team? What are the plans for 2021?   


Visual and Virtual Studio by Rudy Begas

You want to use your visualisations online? How do you set up a visualisation studio? Avoid common mistakes about camera standpoints and lighting. This workshop provides practical tips and tricks to lift your studio to a higher level.


Draw your sales funnel from scratch by Tomasz Staskiewicz

Convert likes into customers with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or even TikTok? There is only one reason to run each of this social media channels – to fill your sales funnel. Transform your digital activities in lead generation machine.This is a Q&A session. This is a Q&A session in the Livewebinar room.


Making remote facilitation work by Frank Wesseler and Andy de Vale

We will explore the advantages of working online by collecting the wisdom of the meetup crowd, sharing a range of tips, tricks and techniques from their experience and an informal chat and Q&A session.


Juggling your work during COVID by Vanessa Koster

What new product or services in your work field have you discovered? Are you still looking for new opportunities? No need to invent the wheel: This session will give a presentation and a brainstorm session to identify new and challenging possibilities and we'll exchange successes!

The speakers

Karl Mortier

Educational Innovator

Ringmaster of the EVP Online Meetup. 

Author & Visual Trainer, Coach and Facilitator since 1996.  

Member of EVP Core Team. 

Freelance Illustrator.

Member of EVP Core Team. 

Jens Nordmann

Graphic Recorder at Visual Facilitators 

Gabriela Borowczyck

Creator of the FLIPowanie® brand

Author of Brand Archetype Cards and co-author of Story Cards and Transformation Cards.

Sandra Bach

Business Owner Sandruschka

Illustrator, graphic recorder, art director, accompanying change and innovation processes.

 Member of EVP Core Team.

Danie van Styn

Business Owner Projec-D

Social Media Optimalization Coach and Branding Expert

Jeroen Blijsie

Founder of The Visual Connection

Visual Facilitator and Change Maker, Entrepreneur, Publisher 

Marek Staniszewski 

Business Trainer - Author - Lecturer

Graduated in philosophy at UMCS University in Poland. Over the past 20 years he dealt with the communication strategy of the biggest brands in advertising agencies operating in Poland. 

Rudy Begas

Business Owner Haxon c&c

Communication training. visual presenter, visual facilitator, motivational speaker.  

Tomasz Staskiewicz

The Content Man

 Digital and Content Marketing Expert Freelance Author - Over 15 years of experience in training

Frank Wesseler

Head of global license training at Bikablo

Visualization trainer, Visual Facilitator & Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Andy de Vale

Business Owner Workvisible

Global Bikablo Certified Trainer

Enabling change with visual thinking, illustration and facilitation.

Driving Force behind Scotviz
Member EVP Core Team

Vanessa Koster

llustrator and visual thinker & journalist  Tanslating complex business situations into a picture. Design Thinking, People & Change Management and Sustainability issues.

EVP Core Team

European Visual Practitioners

Learn, share, explore and co-create together to spread the power of Visual Thinking to the world.

Mara Callaert

Founder VisualityEU.

Visual Change Maker, Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Storyteller

Danie Volkert

Life should not be a fight but a dance!

Impuls giver, sparring partner and doer for people and businesses that move more


Our sponsors

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The IFVP Institute is formed in 2019

The IFVP Institute is formed for charitable and educational purposes. More specifically, the IFVP Institute is organized and operated to promote the development and application of visual thinking and practices, such as graphic recording and graphic facilitation, through sponsored research, public education programs, and related activities.

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